Your People Are Breaking

Don't be the reason, be the solution

Stop your people burning out, being absent with stress and ultimately leaving. Whether it’s because you care or you understand the true cost of a burnt out workforce to the bottom line, I can help.

Colin Minto

Burnout Expert

Colin Minto

Burnout Expert

“Colin, this session was one of a kind. Your style is so personal and impactful. Thank you for enlightening us and paving the way for others”

“Thank you Colin for such an inspiring session, your transparency made the topic and concepts so relatable, thank you!”

“Thank you for such an incredible session and for being so transparent about your journey – it’s inspiring. I think we’ve all walked away with some great takeaway points made during the talk.”

“Brilliant session Colin. Definitely had a few light bulb moments. It’s amazing to see the fine line between different conditions. What I found exceptionally inspiring was your ability to be brutally honest about your own journey in the hopes of helping others.”

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Overwork or Burnout
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15 drivers are pushing your people over the edge

You might be surprised to learn that modern work and management is responsible for most of them!

More than just burnout

I'm a world leader in resilience, workforce stress, burnout and EDI.

Personal experience

I have broken multiple times during my 40 year battle with OCD, Anxiety and Stress. Each time I have come back faster, stronger and smarter.

My Coaching Benefits

Optimise your people and you optimise everything.

Performance of your people

This will get you the highest valuation, speed up your exit, and / or, satisfy all stakeholders

Resilient employees

Resilient and engaged employees stay longer, outperform expectation and celebrate your brand and culture to their networks.

Drive engagement

Build resilience, strengthen cognitive fitness and optimise results with a programme of individual executive coaching, group management / employee workshops, and company wide motivation sessions.

"Fantastic session. Truly inspiring."

Do You Want to Transform Your Employees Lives For The Better?

Get in touch to structure the right programme for your team and business to own employee engagement, retention, performance and attraction in your sector.

“Resilience, Burnout, Mental Fitness, Menopause, Period Pain, Neurodiversity, Compassion, Culture and so Much More.”

With Jenn McCarron, Director of Legal Operations and Technology, Netflix

CLOC Conference, London - Event Podcast

“Resilience, Mental Fitness, Productivity, Superpowers of Difference, Compassion, Attraction and so Much More.”

With Lisa Lloyd, Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist

OCD Unplugged - Podcast

Whatever your requirements

Individual executive coaching, group management / employee workshops, and company wide motivation sessions.

Build Optimal Resilience and Cognitive Fitness

Anyone can Burnout! Build resilience and cognitive fitness to prevent it and drive personal and business performance

Create Belonging and Community Culture

People that belong; engage, stay, perform, and tell everyone you are a great place to work and company to do business with

Bouncing Back From a Break, Breakdown or Challenge

Bring back your best you, from a break, breakdown or challenge, then thrive and stay back and present

Neurodiversity and Mental Difference in Business

Neurodiversity and Mental Difference brings Superpowers; leverage them for competitive advantage

You'll Benefit From Decades of Experience

Through the power of lived experience, recovering, surviving and thriving, deep investment in cognitive therapies, years of researching workforce stress, and a decorated career in global HR…

Life-Changing Video Tutorials

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equip you and your teams to survive and thrive in the most volatile and challenging circumstances


build belonging and optimal culture to drive engagement, retention, performance and attraction

Ongoing Support

be your ongoing coach and guide for any future personal and business challenges and situations

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